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The traditional fish soup in many variations

Diced fish fillet marinated in leche de tigre: lime juice, ají (fresh chili), garlic, ginger, celery and coriander. Served with onion, mashed sweet potatoes, canchita (fried corn kernels). Thai, Atun Nikkei, and Nikkei are served without mashed sweet potatoes and canchita.


Entrance: 19,90€ - Main course: 25,90€

Salmon marinated in tamarind sauce, soy sauce and sesame oil, with avocado.


Entrance: 19,90€ - Main course: 25,90€

Salmon with a truffle cream and yellow leche de tigre foam.

Atún Nikkei

Entrance: 24,90€ - Main course: 29,90€

Tuna marinated in yuzu, lemongrass, soy sauce and sesame oil.


Entrance: 19,90€ - Main course: 25,90€

Salmon with coconut foam, Thai basil pesto, kumquat and togarashi.


Entrance: 19,90€ - Main course: 25,90€

Prepared with the fish of the day.

Pulpo en Crema de Culantro

Entrance: 24,90€ - Main course: 29,90€

Octopus with coriander cream


Entrance: 19,90€ - Main course: 25,90€

Fish of the day with seafood and clams.


Entrace: 20,90€ - Main course: 26,90€

Fish of the day, seafood and clams with two different chili sauces.


Entrance: 15,90€ - Main course: 20,90€

King oyster mushrooms and seasonal vegetables flambéed with pisco, lime juice, chili, coriander, ginger and yellow chili sauce (large portion is served with rice)

Trío de Ceviches

Main course: 39,90€

Three tipes of Ceviche: CLASICO, THAI y NIKKEI.

Entradas & Tiraditos

Thin slices of fish, a kind of sashimi and a delicious selection of different starters

Trio de Causa: Salmón, Pulpo y Langostino


Cold mashed potatoes refined with salmon sashimi flambéed in Nikkei acevichada sauce; and squid flambéed with anticuchera mayonnaise, canchita and fried prawns with a chilli and passion fruit sauce

Ensalada de Quinua


Quinoa salad with vegetables and honey turmeric vinaigrette

Pulpo Anticuchero


Fried, spicy marinated octopus, with rosemary potatoes, mushrooms and avocado

Chupe con Quinua


Fish of the day and king prawns in a spicy broth with quinoa and peas

Tiradito de Salmón


Salmon sashimi with leche de tigre and molecular avocado

Tiradito de Atún Cítrico Nikkei


Tuna sashimi refined with soy sauce, orange and sesame oil

Platos Pricipales

Our main courses

Risotto con Mariscos


Risotto with shrimp, calamari and Argentinian red shrimp, refined with peas, peppers and coriander with onion salad

Atún en Costra de Quinua con Salsa Nori y Puré de Camote


Tuna with a quinoa crust, served with nori sauce (seaweed sauce) and mashed orange and sweet potatoes

Ceviche Caliente Thai


Fish of the day flambéed in pisco, leche de tigre, coconut milk, Thai basil, coriander, onions, chili and kumquat with rice

Lomo Saltado


Argentinian entrecóte strips flambéed in a wok, refined with soy sauce, onions and coriander, with fried manioc strips and rice

Quinua al Tartufo con Vegetales


Quinoa refined with truffles, vegetables, mushrooms and parmesan

Südamerikanische Spezialitäten


Our irresistible deserts

Souffle de chocolate con helado de Lúcuma


Chocolate soufflé with homemade Lucuma ice cream (fruit from Peru)

Granizado de Maracuyá


Passion fruit sorbet covered in a homemade chocolate dome with mango foam

Cheesecake de Pistacho y sorbete de Guava


Sliced ​​pistachio cheesecake with guava sorbet


We offer you a large selection of non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks.

Our gourmet dishes are not only available at Occamstraße 26, but also to take away! Enjoy our traditional, vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free ceviche variations comfortably on the go, at home or in the office. Call 089/82969652 or drop by our restaurant and conveniently pick up your desired delicacies.

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Opening hours: MON - SUN 5:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m
Please note: the 2G rule applies to us!